Nature is filled with life. Fill your life with the healing power of nature.

MONDAY–SUNDAY was born from an urgent need for natural medicines that are proven to be effective as well as available direct to you without a prescription.

We’re on a mission: to make plant-based medicines first-line medications, to treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses that are currently being treated by pharmaceuticals as the default choice.

Our core creation team includes three doctors and a clinical nurse, all deeply experienced in patient care, who have prescribed and administered a variety of natural and pharmaceutical medicines to patients globally. They’ve witnessed first-hand the benefits of natural medicines on patient outcomes, but have also seen myriad ways the medicines could be improved upon.

That’s how MONDAY—SUNDAY was born.

High-potency. Clinically-proven herbs. Proprietary terpene blends. Spring water base. No hippy-dippy claims. We are bringing serious medical rigour to the plant-based medicine space.

MONDAY—SUNDAY leverages the best nature has to offer: the most effective herbs, shepherded into your body’s endocannabinoid system by our terpene blends. Each tincture underwent numerous rounds of R&D to ensure they’re the most effective natural medicines you’ve ever tried.

As pioneers in the medicinal cannabis space with the prescription-only brand Humacology, we cut our teeth creating plant-based medicines under the most stringent of conditions. We bring this scientific intel to MONDAY—SUNDAY, to offer everybody the healing power of nature. Every day.


“And unlike most natural tinctures on the market,

ours live in a base of artisanal spring water, not alcohol, ethanol or fatty oils.

MONDAY—SUNDAY tinctures are also the most potent there are,

giving you outstanding value for money per mg of active ingredients.