What are terpenes and how do they work?

Terpenes are a family of over 30,000 aromatic hydrocarbon molecules that fall into a class of compounds made up of linked isoprene unit chains.

Sorry, dispensing with the PhD copywriter from herein out.

Terpenes are common and naturally occurring molecules that occur everywhere in nature. Most terpenes serve as potent scent molecules, for two reasons: Protection from predators, and to attract pollinators. Terpenes also form protective clouds of water vapour around plants that cool the plant during extended periods of hot weather. They’re pretty amazing.

Beyond providing plants their aroma, protection, and mechanism of reproduction, terpenes have direct interactions with the human body when consumed or inhaled, and may affect a person’s mood and stress levels. They actually support other molecules of a plant, amplifying their therapeutic value. In other words, they act as a delivery mechanism to help the active ingredients get delivered where they need to get delivered to make the active ingredients more effective.

More info:  Science Direct

How and when should you take MONDAY—SUNDAY tinctures?

It’s important to find your perfect dose. We recommend starting low and going slow.

Shake the bottle well, and then start with 1ml and dose up or down depending on its effect on you. Squirt your dose into your mouth and swallow normally. You should allow about 20-45 mins from dosing for it to take effect, so time your dose accordingly.

You can take up to 4ml daily.

Can I take MONDAY—SUNDAY tinctures with food or mixed with other liquids?

You can. It’s best, however, not to take it in boiling hot liquids like tea or coffee.

What made you start MONDAY—SUNDAY?

You might be thinking, “why would doctors promote natural therapies when it’s so much easier to just prescribe pharmaceuticals?”

We’ve never taken the road more-easily travelled. Not when the wellness of you is at stake, and not when nature has already provided solutions to many of our illnesses, many of which of which have been administered for millennia.

Our doctors have seen the benefits and pitfalls of pharmaceuticals, and fully understand how clinically-proven herbs and terpenes can treat a range of maladies.

By harnessing the power of nature in a fresh, unique way, with the highest potency tinctures on the market, and in an artisanal spring water base versus alcohol or oil, we knew we could bring serious gravitas to the healing power of nature.

Who are the doctors who created these tinctures?

Our core medical team features three renowned doctors:

Dr. Sheetal Bull

Trained Psychiatrist and GP – Welsh, living in Australia

Dr. Crosby Rechtin

E.R. Doctor – American, living in Australia

Dr. Nikolas Foklialakis

Phytochemist – Greek, living in Greece

If you’d like to email them directly, please do! We love hearing from you.

Why are your tinctures based on artisanal spring water and not alcohol or oil like the others?

It’s not just because we wanted to be different – the easy path is too use an oil or an alcohol-base. We wanted you to be able to take our natural therapies without having to also consume alcohol or oils, that’s pretty much it.

A 60ml tincture contains about 55 grams of oil. That’s quite a lot of unnecessary fat to work off every month. And most alcohol-based tinctures are seriously alcohol-y, with from 20–60% alcohol content. It took many rounds of R&D by our Phytochemist, Dr. Nik, to get this right.

How do I know your tinctures are pure?

Unlike others, we publish exactly what is inside each bottle via our COAs (Certificates of Analysis) that are undertaken by an independent third party. In the COAs you can clearly see out tinctures don’t contain any pesticides, heavy metals, microbial, or anything else that shouldn’t go into your body.

What is the clinical evidence supporting the contents of your tinctures?

We have a full proof page on this site, where you can ready peer-reviewed trials for all our active ingredients as well as terpenes.

Do MONDAY—SUNDAY tinctures interact with my prescription medications?

It’s best to consult with your medical professional about this, or email our docs at


You can contact us, everyday, using the information below:

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